The aeterie brand emerged out of the need to create classic, timeless objects that would enhance the female beauty.

In the times of ever changing trends and fast fashion we create clothes and objects that will last for many years and never cease to be classics.

It is the return to the roots of femininity.

aeterie stands for ephemeric, fragile, graceful

These are feminine features that many of us like to accentuate with what we wear.

Our clothes and accessories will enhance your female subtlety and add a youthful charm to your stylisation.

aeterie stands for timeless

We use classic cuts and patterns that suit every woman.

These clothes and accessories will make you look special for years.

We believe in their timeless beauty.

aeterie stands for ineffable, mysterious

We create objects that will bring out your inner secret.

We believe that every woman holds a secret, and it is one of our greatest assets.