Terms of purchase

How long will I have to wait for domestic delivery?

As provided for in the Conditions of Use and Sale, you will receive the parcel after 7 business days of placing and paying for the order; we usually dispatch the package on the next business day after the payment is credited to our account.

If you want to expedite the shipment, opt for the payment through our Online Store.

Can I return the item I bought?

By law, you can cancel your online order within 14 days but please, think well before you buy.

If you have any doubts about our products that you received, please contact as on: We will try our best to help!

Can I get a VAT invoice?

You certainly can! Just inform us about it and provide your business details in the course of placing the order.

Do you offer an international delivery?

International delivery is available for selected countries in Europe and the rest of the world; please use the delivery calculator on the cart site to find out about the costs.

International law imposes certain restrictions regarding shipment of jewelry made of precious metals, so the delivery of parcels containing such jewelry will be a little more expensive (as it is necessary to declare its value) and it is available in selected countries only. In such cases customs might be imposed by the office.

Our products

What does it mean that the item is available upon request?

The product status “available upon request” means that a given item is available but the delivery might take longer. Do not hesitate to order such items – we will contact you without delay and inform you about how long you will have to wait; if it is too long for you, you will be able to cancel this item.

How are items sent?

All our products are safely packed and delivered by a DHL courier.

What should I do if the item I received is defective?

If you notice any defects to the product when you open the package, please contact us on, and send us the information and a photo.
Solely by the reason of the obligation imposed by the EU Regulation 524/2013 this is to inform you that the consumer may use out of court complaint and redress mechanisms. If you wish to resort to an out of court complaint resolution for online shopping, you can make a complaint e.g. through the EU online ODR platform available on:

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