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A long feminine dress with a ‘drape front’ neckline, made of airy viscose, tested by us and our customers thousands of times! Very comfortable, nice to wear even on warm days. It has short but loose sleeves, which conceal the shoulders nicely. The neckline makes the neck look longer. The dress accentuates the waist and conceals the thighs while the carefully designed cut does not optically shorten the legs. Available in 2 colours: pale grey verging on beige and lilac covered with painted flowers.


A summer dress inspired by a walk on a pier. Predominantly made of cotton, the garment guarantees airiness in the summertime. It is zipped up and additionally tied at the shoulders which makes for easy breastfeeding. This element gives our summer dress a girly character. Available in three colours: striped light blue, striped red and navy blue with small polka dots.


A unique midi viscose skirt, gathered at the waist. Gorgeous in motion, light, airy and perfect for summertime (though not only). Lilia is available in three colours: black, navy blue with polka dots and striped one, which evokes summer and walks by the seaside.


A blouse made of light Italian viscose knit with a beautiful cutout at the back. A small addition of elastane makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It looks great with summer Lilia midi skirts. The top is available in three colour versions: navy blue, grey and lilac.

Rosa Regatta

A classic dress with a boatneck and 3/4 kimono sleeves. Low-cut at the back it is emblazoned with five handcrafted covered buttons. Made of navy blue and white striped elastic fabric. The X-line dress fits your body beautifully. The dress keeps shape and is suitable for sailing weather.

Peonia Mus

A comfortable dress made of cotton fabric with a narrow stripe pattern! Light grey mixed with milk white makes this pastel shade extremely flattering. Ideal for summer days. With two pockets. Gathering in the middle of the waistline makes this dress impossible to ignore. One can spend the entire summer wearing it and when it gets colder it may be worn with a cardigan.


Melissa – a feminine dress, which appeared in our autumn collection, this time made of light and airy batiste. Inspired by the early 20th century, available in two colour versions. The shoulder line is created by 3/4 sleeves with delicate puffs, while the keyhole neckline will turn heads. The adjusted bodice has a side zipper.


Dahlia is a loose-fit shirt made of soft fabric. It can be worn both with high-waist skirts and with trousers. It features eye-catching keyhole tie front and tie cuffs. It is very comfortable. Subtle puff sleeves form a lovely shoulder line. Available in snow-white and beige colour versions.

Magnolia Mus

A dress inspired by the 1940s. Ultra-feminine! Very romantic, airy, lightweight. Made of unique grey and beige fabric. Graceful and classy. Magnolia will show off your waistline and shoulders. Wider sleeves will add comfort during hot summer days, and the knee-length will create a modest, tasteful look. It is also ideal for breastfeeding women. Buttons are easily unfastened.

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