Karolina Baszak-Giska

– the creator of the aeterie brand. She sings, takes pictures, makes videos and blogs about women’s issues, touching the hearts of thousands of women in Poland and abroad. Her love for the vintage style and the fashion of the first half of the 20th century brought about the first line of classic dresses and jewellery.

I wanted to create something more than just a piece of fabric. I wished for the aeterie dresses to be the extension of a romantic soul of a woman who is not afraid to show it. Our jewellery line, classic and timeless, is meant both for the daughter, the mother and the grandmother, so that it can be passed down from generation to generation. I also wanted our products to be created and sewn in Poland, and I really care about work ethics. I enjoy good relationship with our partners and I believe it is an added value for our clients.

Karolina is pursuing her dreams. Creating her own brand was only a matter of time. By establishing aeterie she was finally able combine her numerous passions, such as her love for vintage, composing music, drawing, taking pictures and filming. Thanks to her aesthetic sense Karolina created a unique, romantic vision, which has won the hearts of thousands of women!

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